Apple is rolling out an 8GB iPhone 5c for India



Apple is planning to rollout a new 8GB iPhone 5c in India starting this June in hopes to turn the country into it’s next booming market.

India was one of the few places you could still buy an iPhone 4 until last week when Apple pulled phone from the country. A cheaper iPhone 5c will aim to boost Apple’s marketshare in a smartphone market dominated by Sony and Samsung.

The 8gb iPhone 5c price could be as low as Rs 30,000 (about $500USD) when coupled with buyback offers that will be included in the launch, according to sources with India Times.

Apple’s smartphone sales in India declined 10-15% in April thanks to a slowing market, but an affordable iPhone 5c could be just what users in India since many are more concerned about a good price than storage space.

Sales of the iPhone 5c failed to be as successful as Apple hoped at launch, but the company has rolled out 8gb iPhone 5c units in UK, France, Germany, Australia, China, Netherlands and more to pump up sales after the 16GB units were considered too expensive.

Source: India Times