Latest installment of The Walking Dead: The Game coming to Mac and iOS this week



If you’re even slightly pop culture savvy, chances are that you’re a fan of The Walking Dead. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to known that the latest episode of Telltale Games’ superb The Walking Dead adventure game series is set to appear on Mac and iOS this week.

Appropriate enough given the series’ subject matter, the new third episode — titled “In Harm’s Way” — is set to have a staggered release (cos zombies stagger!), with Mac and PC owners worldwide getting their hands on the game May 13, followed by iOS gamers on May 15. (PS3 and XBox 360 gamers also receive it this week.)

A bite-sized preview (cos zombies bite!) is available to view above, although it contains major spoilers for those not yet up to date with the game. For those who are, the episode apparently features actor Michael Madsen as William Carver, along with other surviving characters from previous episodes, including those from The Walking Dead: 400 Days.

Source: IGN