Twin-stick shooter Ekon the Cyborg is the best kind of throwback


Ekon the Cyborg

I really can’t get enough of twin-stick shooters.

Ekon the Cyborg by Wicked Dog Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Price: Free

I don’t know what it is, but they have a very specific kind of frantic energy that appeals to me without being overwhelming. And I like them so much that every time I have an opportunity to play one on iOS, I give it a chance despite the fact that my iPhone has no sticks to twin, so the touch controls usually suck.

Ekon the Cyborg is a new two-pad shooter that somehow has controls that work. And I’m as shocked as anyone. But beyond that, it’s a nostalgic and colorful romp that is pretty much made of my childhood.

You control Ekon, a Mega Man-esque cyborg that is one planet’s only defense against an invasion of squishy, purple aliens. The enemies would be super adorable if they weren’t trying to murder everyone, so I have some kinda mixed feelings about shooting them.

But I will shoot them. Because that is why we’re all here.

It’s a nostalgic and colorful romp that is pretty much made of my childhood.

It’s the usual controls: Move with the left “stick,” and fire with the right. The levels are fairly open, and they have a bunch of boxes you can blast open for items and powerups. You can unlock new weapons and items to help you spread more purple around, like turrets and shields.

All the standard stuff, really, but Ekon the Cyborg pulls it off with style, and it’s a delight to play.

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Game Name: : Ekon the Cyborg
The Good: Retro stylings, pretty colors, and functional controls.
The Bad: Most of the item boxes are empty, and that’s just mean.
The Verdict: It’s a frantic, colorful, fun game that is both nostalgic and accessible.
Buy from: App Store – Ekon The Cyborg – Wicked Dog Games