Saturday Showdown: Apple TV vs Roku 1



Since the release of the Apple TV back in 2007, it’s evolved into an essential gadget for all media streamers, and with that, Apple has invented some competition with the likes of Amazon Fire and the Roku. This week Cult of Mac puts the $99 Apple TV against the entry-level $49 Roku 1.

  • Carter M

    If yo are doing a comparison you use two object that are similar in specs and price which would be the AppleTV and Roku 3. This video has an AppleTV and a Roku 1 which have differ specs and a $50 price range difference. Seems like a waste of an interview.

  • goddessofchaos

    Did it ever occur to you that new sick with a heavy beat makes it difficult to understand what you are saying? It is especially hard for anyone who has hearing difficulties. Please consider leaving the music out when you make your comparison videos.

  • Nate

    Next up on Saturday Showdown, the iPhone 5s vs your first cell phone.

  • Rich Cook

    I need to start a blog consisting entirely of posts by other bloggers and content creators. :-)

  • W.M.M. M

    I agree with Carter M that the Roku 1 tying Apple TV but for $50 less should be a stronger vote for Roku. I think a comparison with the Roku 3 or even the Roku 2 would be a better performance and price match.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    You should have used the Roku 3 which is far better than the Roku 1. Apple has fallen behind Roku and hopefully Apple’s next AppleTV will be much more powerful. However, if the next AppleTV doesn’t support PLEX, I think I’ll pass.

  • This was painfully irrelevant and biased.

  • RB

    Being from the “Colonies” the gentleman’s accent was hard for me to understand, not a slam, so maybe subtitles would be good. Had the same problem with RapidWeaver tutorials.

  • Josh Sanfilippo

    I’m Sorry, but I have to disagree with your choice on the design winner. The Roku looks like a toy with its tapered curves and the purple tag is unattractive and also makes it look like a toy or a strange piece of clothing. I think the Apple TV is quite beautiful in design and almost perfectly symetrical. It’s nice and small, just how I want it. I wouldn’t want it to be seen, I’d want it to blend in like it doesn’t even exist. But other than our disagrrement on design, I feel you made some very good points.