CAZLET: A premium wallet case that provides instant access to your iPhone



The CAZLET from KYNEZ is an iPhone wallet case like no other. It’s the only one I know of that provides military-grade protection for your beloved smartphone, and it’s one of the few that allows you to use your device — and almost all of its features and functions — without having to open the wallet up.

Category: Wallet case
Works With: iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s
Price: $65

CAZLET’s design leaves your iPhone’s display exposed yet protected, so as soon as you pull it out of your pocket, your device is ready to be used. It’s made from gorgeous leather sourced from boutique tanneries in France and Southern Germany, and it boasts some nifty features you don’t normally get with smartphone wallet cases — including dedicated pockets for a spare nanoSIM and SIM eject tool.

KYNEZ also offers a number of add-ons that you can buy separately, including a coin pocket, a card band, a hand strap, and an ID sleeve. The wallet itself comes with a $65 price tag, which I think is very reasonable. Let me tell you why.

The Good

CAZLET’s best feature is its most unique feature. Rather than putting your iPhone on the inside and hiding it away where you can’t see or access it, CAZLET provides full access to its display and all of its buttons and ports. So you can use it just as you normally would without taking the phone out of the case or opening it up.


I’ve used and reviewed countless wallet cases for iPhone, and CAZLET is the first that allows me to use my iPhone just like I would in a regular case. I can use headphones, plug in a Lightning cable, and even use Touch ID without even opening up the zip. And I never miss a call because I couldn’t open it up quick enough.

Even though your iPhone’s display is exposed, there’s plenty of protection around it to ensure it doesn’t get damaged. CAZLET’s leather covers its bezels, so even if you put your phone face-down it’s not going to get scratched — and it comes with a tempered glass screen protector.

The CAZLET even has a nano-SIM slot.
The CAZLET even has a nano-SIM slot.

The leather around the case provides protection for the rest of your device. CAZLET meets the U.S. Military Standard 810G drop-test, which involves a series of drops from four feet high on to 26 contact points, including all eight corners and six “major” surfaces.

It’s going to take a lot to damage your iPhone when it’s inside this case, then. In fact, it’s near impossible that it will get broken under normal, everyday use.

CAZLET is good-looking, too, and incredibly well built. Its premium leather is soft and beautiful — so much so that you’ll be worried about scratching it. Even its stitches look good, and they’re so strong that you can be sure CAZLET will last.

Inside the CAZLET, there are pockets for your cards and cash, and KYNEZ promises you’ll fit up to 30 bills and up to 24 cards inside. I was carrying five cards in mine, and of course I had plenty of room to spare.

There are dedicated pockets for a spare nano-SIM, a SIM eject tool (included), a key, and tiny screen cleaning pad (also included). KYNEZ also sells some add-ons if you need storage for other things, such as coins and ID cards.

You don’t have to worry about losing anything you put inside the case, because its self-locking zipper cannot be moved unless you lift it. It’s not going to open up in your pocket or your bag, then.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 19.03.58

The Bad

The downside to CAZLET’s unique design is its size. It’s very bulky, measuring 1.4cm thick and 8.8cm wide. I did have the European version, which is slightly bigger than the U.S. version to accommodate our larger bills, but there’s not a massive difference in it — just 0.8cm in the width.

20140508_185206I still found CAZLET to be comfortable in my pocket, but the difference is definitely noticeable — particular in tight pants. It’s not an issue if you keep your iPhone in a bag, of course, but it’s something to bear in mind if you carry it in your pocket.

The other downside to CAZLET is that it doesn’t provide a cutout for your iPhone’s rear-facing camera, so you do have to pull your device out if you want to take a picture. That was a big problem for me. I use my iPhone’s camera mostly to take pictures of our kids, and they don’t hang around while I get my phone out its case. On a number of occasions I missed the opportunity to grab a great photo.

The Verdict

If conventional iPhone wallet cases aren’t doing it for you, then the CAZLET could be the one. It provides instant access to your phone and almost all of its features (except the camera), and it has plenty of space for your cards, cash, and other small items.

In addition, its high-quality leather and excellent build quality make its $65 price tag look cheap. If you don’t need quick access to your camera, then you’ll be more than pleased with this case.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 19.07.09
Product Name: CAZLET
The Good: Protective; good-looking and strong; instant access to your iPhone and most of its features.
The Bad: Bulky; no cutout for rear-facing camera.
The Verdict Excellent wallet case that doesn’t hinder the use of your iPhone. Could do with a camera cutout, but the pros far outweigh the cons.
Buy from: KYNEZ



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