Adobe Voice lets you turn audio messages into slick iPad animations



Adobe has launched an intriguing new iPad app called Adobe Voice. Designed to help users “create stunning animated videos in minutes,” the app lets you record an audio message, and then quickly and easily turn it into a slick animation. All you have to do is match your words with a library of 25,000 images, and then Adobe Voice does the rest by adding in transition animations and a backing track.

The finished result can then be shared by email, Twitter, Facebook, or even by embedding it within a personal website.

While not everyone is going to have need for an app like this, it definitely sounds like a valuable tool for people who have to give presentations as part of school or work — or anyone who wants to create a customized message for a friend or loved one.

Making it even better, Adobe Voice is free, available for any iPad running iOS 7.0 and above.

Source: iTunes



  • Vomit is the emotion that comes to mind watching this video. The Adobe guy looks insane. And as to what this apparently useless app actually does is not really evident at all. Any one there understand what a review actually is? It matches generic graphics to words? And creates…? What exactly? A proprietary file you can email? A video file? Adobe seems to be spiralling towards extinction….apparently taking Cult Of Mac along with it.

  • moofer

    …or they could just fix photoshop.

  • kindwarrior