Don’t Starve multiplayer lets you prep with your crazy survivalist pals


Look who's coming to dinner?
Look who's coming to dinner?

Don’t Starve is a brilliant yet brutal video game that will not hold your hand as it leads you inexorably toward a messy, starving death.

Until now, it’s been a single-player affair, which just reinforces the theme of loneliness present in every ticking second of each of the in-game days and nights.

Klei Entertainment, at the frantic urging of its fan base, is finally bringing a final feature to the game that we all wanted: a shared experience.

This summer, we can huddle together with other players, avoiding the rampaging hounds of doom and giant tree monsters bent on our destruction in ecstatic togetherness.

Don’t Starve has been unapologetically single player from the beginning. A multiplayer component would have slowed down the development process of a game that even the developers weren’t sure would do well.

Of course, the fans of the game turned it into an instant hit on Steam and the PlayStation 4, and those fans got tired of starving all on their own. Multiplayer, says the announcement post on the Klei website, became the hot button issue, with forum members vehemently defending the single player modes and other posters just as passionately advocating for multiplayer.

This summer, then, the team will release a free expansion called “Don’t Starve Together,” which will let buddies or complete strangers connect in public or private games. They’re hoping to bring a minimum of 4 slots to this new play mode, which should be available for Steam or as a standalone game app, and hopefully for the delightful PlayStation 4 version, which has become a favorite of mine.

Of course, if you’re one of those Don’t Starve doomsday prepper purists, you can just go ahead and play all by your lonesome still. You’ll still probably die.

Source: Klei Entertainment