Charge your iPhone faster than ever with this quick tip



There’s nothing more irritating than wanting to use your iPhone and seeing that the battery is either low or completely dead. While plugging in your iPhone normally can get you a pretty good charge, it seems to take a long time. In this episode of Cult of Mac’s how-to’s we show you how to charge your iPhone quicker than normally with our easy steps.

Take a look at the video to see how to do it.

  • Chris Russell

    Did it really take a video to explain this tip?

  • popeyoni

    The whole tip is: Put it on airplane mode.

  • BZ

    A tweet would have done the job lol but yeah putting it on airplane mode works every time

  • Corey Robertson

    That video was 1:24 longer than it needed to be.

  • Balcis

    wow really, make kinder ways to direct us to your videos, this is “cheap” journalism tactics.

  • Jim Latimer
  • Daniel Best

    I just read the comments and was able to figure out how to do this by reading 5 simple words “Put it on airplane mode”. I’m not sure this tip is worthy of a whole blog post. Also this tip has been known to me for over a year. This tip was so 2013 Joshua Smith. Also use the search function before you post as this has already been covered on

  • Kr00

    Agree with others here, there wasn’t any need for a self promotional video just to explain 2 steps. Two lines and an image would’ve sufficed. And what is with all that thrashing around of the hands? Looks like you’re juggling atoms or something. I’ll make sure to avoid any more of these type of videos in future.

  • In theory it is true but important thing is “faster than ever”, that is not true at all. You will not notice any difference but what I noticed is when I use iPad charger which has 2A output, it is faster compared with original charger for iPhone – 1A. But I cannot say “faster than ever”

  • Long Duckdong

    Starting to wonder if I need to keep cult of mac in my RSS feeds. Stuff like this, or the ‘deal’ they had the other day on a phone holder for your car (where it was 25% cheaper on Amazon). Need PAGE HITS. Need PAGE HITS. Need PAGE HITS…..

  • William Donelson

    You need a VIDEO for this? Holy get-a-life.

  • Boron

    Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle……seriously? No wonder I steer completely clear of all the social media bollocks that makes this sort of inane drivel commonplace and considered worthy of existence!

  • Rock Lobster

    Two words: airplane mode. There is some doubt about whether this makes a difference anyway, which is not even mentioned. How about even a simple test? Yes, everyone’s saying the same thing, but this bait and watch nonsense is insulting to your readership. More suitable for a teen blog.

  • Nate

    Part 2: Turn phone off to charge Part 3: Never turn phone on to never need to charge.

  • Da St

    12 seconds of tip, 1:20 of crap around the tip.