#AmazonCart lets you shop without leaving Twitter



What Amazon taketh away, Amazon also giveth.

One week after enraging comic nerds everywhere by removing the option to purchase titles within its ComiXology iOS app, Amazon has made it easier than ever purchase products thanks to a snazzy new Twitter feature.

From this point on  — provided you live in either the U.S. or UK — whenever a customer discovers a tweet from their favorite artist, brand, friend, etc. featuring an Amazon product link, they can simply add “#AmazonCart” to their reply and that product is added to their Amazon.com Shopping Cart. (UK customers must add #AmazonBasket instead.)

To show that your message has registered, customers will then get a reply tweet back from @MyAmazon, along with an email to say that the item has been successfully added to their Cart. Customers who haven’t yet connected their Twitter and Amazon.com accounts will receive a tweet asking them to connect their accounts to enable the feature.

It’s neat stuff, and makes it easier than ever to buy things from the growing Jeff Bezos empire — although it’s worth noting that you’ll still need to visit Amazon to make the final purchase.

Now if we could only get our ComiXology in-app purchases back, the world would return to normal…