iPhone users are more likely to send sexts, poll claims



Want a wacky stat to start your Monday? According to a new poll by YouGov, iPhone owners are the most likely smartphone users to send “sexts.”

Apparently, more than 30% of iPhone users have sent explicit messages at some point, compared to 21% of Blackberry users, and 17% of people with a Samsung device.

“It does seem that iPhone owners are certainly a little more risque when it comes to their mobile communications,” says Duncan Spencer, managing director of the UK-based insurance2go.co.uk, who commissioned the research.

According to the study, 19% of smartphone users admitted to sending sexts or lewd photos to the wrong person — with 4% accidentally sent to mothers-in-law.

The survey also discovered that iPhone owners are twice as likely to end a relationship by text message — with 12% of iPhone owners having done this at some stage, compared to an average of 6%.

Samsung owners were reportedly unable to copy their iPhone-owning brethren when it comes to hooking up. Supposedly it’s because they lack the patents to get into a relationship. (Yeah, I made that last one up.)

Source: Huffington Post

  • aardman

    iPhones are expensive and tend to sell more in the advanced industrialized countries. Go figure from there.

  • Elohquiel

    Well think about it, would you sext a neckbearded fandroid?

    • Guest

      This is the only place on the internet where I feel safe to laugh at Android users without the fear of one popping up and punching me right in my technological device choices.