Up, up and away: New tweak lets you swipe vertically to unlock your iPhone


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photo by Jim Merithew, Cult of Mac
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Have you ever dreamed of swiping up instead of across on your smartphone to unlock it — a whole new way of doing things that is totally unlike the iPhone standard?

No, this isn’t a leaked memo from Samsung’s R&D department, but rather a new tweak available to jailbreakers free of charge in the Cydia Store, optimized for iOS 7 and ARM64-devices.

Called SlideUP2Unlock, the tweak more or less does what it says on the tin: getting rid of the Lock screen camera shortcut in favor of allowing you to use upwards swipe gestures to unlock your iPhone.

This point about the camera might be a stumbling block for some, who regularly use the camera shortcut to capture pictures on the fly. Also swiping up does reveal the icons on your homescreen. Passcodes can still be enabled, but if you’re so security-conscious that you don’t even want people to see what icons you have on your iPhone, this may not be the jailbreak tweak for you.

With that being said, it’s still a fun enough (if simple) tweak for those who want something to set your iPhone apart from all the regular Joes who have to endure the daily grind of swiping left-to-right.

Source: iDownloadblog