Tune into the Force with these surprisingly great Star Wars headphones


Photo: Rob LeFebvre, Cult of Mac
Photo: Rob LeFebvre, Cult of Mac

May the fourth be with you on Star Wars Day this year.

The droid-loving folks over at SMS audio (a company majority-owned by rapper 50 Cent) have put out a set of surprisingly good on-ear headphones based on the company’s entry-level Street by 50 on ear wired headphones.

Each set boasts a Star Wars-themed logo on the ear cups (see below) with associated fan service pack-ins like stickers and a poster.

Star Wars Street by 50

As befits a special edition, the Star Wars Street by 50 come in a strong collector’s box that opens to three panels, which makes it fit right in with all those Star Wars Special Edition Blu-Ray discs you’ve got on your shelf. The headphones nestle inside a zippered case that looks a lot like a tiny football. The unit we received is designed in homage to Boba Fett, the much beloved yet ultimately doomed Mandalorian bounty hunter that we all love. The case, then, is colored a Boba Fett green with tan trim, and the headphones themselves fold up to fit right inside along with the detachable headphone cable with inline mic.

The ear cups feature soft white leather for passive noise-cancellation (they block out extraneous noise from your environment) and the speakers have 40mm drivers for enhanced bass. The outside of the headphones feature a Star Wars-branded logo, in this case Fett’s Mandalorian insignia, that lets you proclaim — rather classily — just how much of a Star Wars head you truly are.

All in all, for the entry price of $199.99, these headphones sound pretty great. They’re definitely skewed toward heavy bass music, so the mid and high frequency get a bit shortchanged if you’re listening to more delicate music like Jazz or Classical. Even so, they still sound better than many over-ear headphones in this price range that I’ve used, and (honestly this is the killer feature) they have Boba Fett on the ear cups!

If you’re looking to get into the entry-level of the higher-end on-ear headphones that seem to be all the rage these days (Beats, SMS by 50 Cent, etc.), you could do worse than a pair of these delightful bad boys. Are you a rebel? An imperial? Stormtrooper?

I’m a bounty hunter, obviously, so I’m gonna rock these all year long.

The Star Wars Street by 50 headphones go on sale today for $199.95 at outlets in a galaxy near you.

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    I think the Star Wars lunch box is much cooler.