Thursday Deals: Romo the iOS Robot and Keyboard Maestro [Deals]



Cult of Mac Deals has unveiled some great offers today, keeping aligned with our goal of delivering phenomenal deals every single day!

If you’re looking for something on the leisure side, then Romo the iOS Robot companion is worth exploring. At only $129, you’ll get a personal robot that uses your smartphone as its brain. And we’ve also got the productivity-boosting app Keyboard Maestro, a powerful macro program for Mac OS X, for just $19.99!

Please note: The offer for Romo the iOS Robot is only available to customers in the continental United States. The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final. To review all terms and condition surrounding that particular offer, visit the Deals page.

Romo The iOS Robot

Romo is a personal robot that uses your smartphone as its brain. Romo has a lovable personality and uses cutting-edge robotics technology, enabling advanced features such as object follow, face detection, and path tracking. As you play with Romo he will teach you to program him as you play. Along the way, unlock upgrades that make your Romo more expressive and alive.Leaving you with a fun new experience every time you turn Romo on.

The top features of Romo the iOS Robot include:

  • Romo has his own personality and will respond to people and events around him
  • You can train Romo to detect your face, chase objects, follow paths, and even explore on his own
  • Fun and challenging missions help teach you how to program Romo
  • Call and control Romo from any computer or iOS device, anywhere in the world
  • Romo teaches problem solving and STEM skills in a fun and easy way
  • Learn the basics of programming as you play with Romo
  • Romotive provides a free Software Development Kit (SDK) for advanced users

We all grew up reading and watching robots interact with people in science fiction, now you can interact with your own functioning robot to play games, program routes and simply have fun. Get Romo the iOS Robot for only $129 today!

Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro can make even the simplest things – typing your email address, opening Gmail or Facebook, or copying a line of text – even easier. It allows you to design your own macro shortcuts and trigger them at any time, automating these tedious processes you perform every day.

The highlights of Keyboard Maestro include:

  • Record and design your own macro shortcuts and activate them at any time
  • Sync macros across multiple Macs
  • Trigger your macros by name or hot key or typed string
  • Control applications, windows, menus, buttons, etc
  • Work with clipboard history
  • Navigate through running applications and open windows

Keyboard Maestro allows you to customize the way your Mac works, reducing the friction doing the things you do often. Get this 2013 Macworld Editors’ Choice award-winning product for only $19.99 now!

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