Hulu’s free streaming service is finally coming to mobile this summer


CoM - HuluPlus

Hulu is finally unleashing its video library to the mobile masses this summer and you won’t even need a Hulu Plus subscription to access it.

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins announced today that starting this summer you’ll be able to stream Hulu’s shows to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device for free, as long as you’re cool sitting through some ads during your TV show binge-sessions.

“This summer, we will begin delivering a selection of ad-supported full TV episodes on mobile devices– for free. With our re-imagining of mobile viewing, we want you, our viewers, to have more access to the content you love, right at your fingertips.”

Hulu’s free viewing has only been available on desktop for years, but now that the company has surpassed 6 million subscribers its more willing to part with a sampling of its goods on mobile in exchange for fat stacks of ad dollars.

Along with new support for mobile, Hulu says its working on a redesigned Hulu Plus iPhone app. Details on which shows will be available, how many episodes and for how long, haven’t been announced yet, but at least you’ll be able to catch up on shows like Parks & Rec, South Park and Cosmos for free any place you can pick up a data signal.

  • kavok

    It will only be select titles, not their entire library. “…we will begin delivering a selection of ad-supported full TV episodes…”

  • Bob Level

    Seems likely they will show older episodes for free and save new ones for Hulu Plus.