Alleged iPhone 6 mold gives us a look at slimmer, curved design



We’ve seen no shortage of iPhone 6 part leaks recently, and now an alleged mold of the unreleased device has surfaced. French site has shared pictures of what it’s claiming is a “physical model” of the iPhone 6.

The source of the model is unknown other than it came from a Chinese forum, so we’re filing this one under very sketchy. But based on existing rumors, the design could be close to what Apple is planning.


As you can tell, the dummy mold is very crude and basic. It’s probably based on schematics that case and accessory makers use overseas to prototype their designs.

Yesterday we looked at a video of a purported iPhone 6 case compared to the iPod touch, and both shared the same width and curves. This mold matches up with the same aesthetic.

The 4.7-inch iPhone is widely expected to share the rounder exterior of the iPod touch, including tweaked volume buttons and a relocated mute switch. There’s some uncertainty about the exact dimensions, but the general consensus seems to be that the width will be around 6mm.

If Apple does decide to go with a look like this for the next iPhone, it will be the first radical design departure since the iPhone 4 in 2010.

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  • Randy The Molester

    So from what I can tell, (if real) is no more true tone flash?

    • San Diego Dave

      That’s the thing…there’s no way Apple is going to go backwards on the camera technology. IF the models and schematics are correct (and that’s a huge “if”), that probably just means that the true tone flash will be a circle rather than an oval, it doesn’t mean the true tone flash is going away after less than a year.

  • San Diego Dave

    I really hope the iPhone 6 is rounded, and I really hope it’s thinner than the iPhone 5, and I really hope it’s 4.7 inches (or even a little bigger). All three of these things will be great choices for Apple, and will keep the iPhone 6 at the top of the smart phone market. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Galaxy S3 and S4 users made the switch once they see a bigger, sleeker, sexier iPhone. (sorry…Fanboi rant over…)

    • Randy The Molester

      Same here. Also the 1 thing I hear form people who own a Galaxy is if the iPhone was that size they would have 1.

    • Theromz

      Really hope its not any thinner, the iPhone is already really thin I don’t think it needs to be any thinner, instead they could use the extra space for battery life and a better camera given they will have more Z-index, instead of trying to build somehting the same as the 5S but in a smaller profile.

      • San Diego Dave

        The one nice thing about the phone itself being thinner is that you can put a nice protective case on it without making it too bulky.

  • Elliot Blyth

    Too. Big.

    • San Diego Dave

      I have a feeling Apple is going to keep the 5s around (and stop selling the 4s), so everyone who seems to have a religious devotion to tiny screens can still get an iPhone. Everyone wins! ;-)

      • Nick

        You say “tiny screens” the rest of us say “usable-sized device”.

      • San Diego Dave

        Well, “the rest of you” is a much smaller number, so Apple needs to make a bigger phone in order to meet consumer demand. Anyway, 4.7 inches is not that big, it’s still perfectly usable (even one-handed). I would agree with you that the Galaxy’s 5.1 inch screen is a little too big, and I would never buy a 5.5 inch iPhone (that’s obviously in “unusable” territory). But I certainly don’t see the point in going around complaining about how 5.5 inches is too big, I’m just going to buy the smaller one and let other people buy what they want.

      • Nick

        At least you have enough sanity to realise that Galaxies are too big. And I admit I could possibly live with 4.7″ but I’m worried about the slippery slope. They might start getting in to the “bigger = better” mentality that all the Android makers have fallen in to.

      • imronburgundy

        Unusable for your small hands. Great for anyone who wants a bigger phone.

  • Dr. Fly

    iPad Air Nano?!?

  • monstermasten

    Fucking Phablets. Apple is going down guys, taste died with Jobs, let’s face it