Facebook’s Messenger app adds video sharing feature, and more


FB Messenger

In preparation for Mark Zuckerberg’s evil plan of making us all download Messenger in order to carry on our Facebook conversations, Facebook Messenger has just received a spit-shine of an update.

Version 5.0 of the app adds several new features and improvements. Among these is a slightly revamped interface which makes sending photos and voice messages easier than before. In addition, users can now send videos directly from their device’s Camera Roll to friends, with these videos playing directly in the app itself.

There’s also a nifty instant photo sharing feature, which lets taking and sending a photo something you can accomplish with one single tap. taking a photo and sending it can be accomplished in just a single tap. Also, when you receive a sticker, you can press and hold it to download the entire pack to your iPhone or iPad.

Last but not least, an improved search feature makes finding people and groups a whole lot more straightforward.

While not everyone (myself included) likes Facebook’s plans to make users download multiple different apps to carry out functions that once came under one umbrella, Facebook Messenger is still a pretty neat tool that is worth it for anyone who wants to take advantage of this aspect of the social network. According to reports, the chat functionality will eventually be removed from Facebook’s main iOS app.

Facebook Messenger can be downloaded for free from the App Store, available for any iOS device running iOS 6.0 and above.

Source: iTunes