Take control of your iPhone’s lock screen with this tweak



Jailbreaking your iPhone is of questionable wisdom these days, but this new tweak is pretty cool.

Called Convergance, it promises users a complete, all-in-one Lock screen replacement package for iOS. The package’s features extend across four main areas: widgets, theming, HTML, and APIs for developers.

Widgets lets you add custom information to your iOS Lock screen, including an RSS reader, calendar, and weather report — while more Convergance-compatible widgets are in the process of being added to the Cydia Store as we type.

Themes allows jailbreaks customize the overall appearance of Convergance — with an in-built theming engine, along with four pre-configured themes (Charcoal, Conceptual, Default, and Thin) which users can quickly toggle between from inside the jailbreak tweak’s preferences.

Convergance also includes support for HTML Lock screens, meaning that users can better customize the jailbreak tweak to meet their personal tastes. The developers explain:

Any lockscreen from GroovyLock, LockHTML, or Cydget will run without any modification, with full support for interactivity. A lockscreen dim delay is also provided in the Advanced settings.

Last but not least, Convergance is additionally set to expand its feature set even further courtesy of a a dedicated set of APIs for developers to increase the number of widgets available in the package.

Convergance can be picked up for $2.50 in the Cydia Store. Currently it’s available for iPhone and iPod touch only, but the developer notes that iPad support will be added “in a separate package” at a later date.

As this year’s most hyped tweak, it’s definitely worth a look for jailbreakers.

Source: Convergance