Colorful cheap case comes with clip-on kickstand


At just $15, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Amzer Shellster fell apart after a couple of weeks, but what a couple of weeks that would be. The iPhone 5 case comes in pretty much any too-bright color you can think of, and features an integrated clip and kickstand.

The Shellster comes in two parts – a rear shell, with access to all buttons and holes, plus a front cover. This cover snaps off and can be snapped back on around the back, which is where the fun starts. This section has a clip mounted in a rotating turret, and this clip can either be used to attach the iPhone to a belt or a strap, or – when opened out further – used as a kickstand in either horizontal or vertical orientations.

So you see it really is pretty hand, and if you don’t want the extra bulk of the cover/hinge/stand section you can just leave it at home or drop it in your bag.

I’m pretty interested in this one, although I might steer away from the hot pink this time. If you really hate the bright colors, you can have the case in boring old black or white.

Source: Amzer