Logitech Hinge case for iPad Air blends right into the carpet



Logitech’s new Hinge is an iPad case with – what do you think? Yup, a hinge. To be honest, it’s really no different from all the other cases that have a vertical crease in the back so that the front flap can fold away and around to make a multi-angle stand, but the Hinge looks better than most of them while it does it.

The 335-gram (0.9-pound) case is a whopper in terms of weight, but it does offer protection as well as being a good-looking stand. The iPad tray within is polycarbonate, the outside cover, which looks kinda like the material used on office chairs so you don’t see the office-party stains, is gray polyester, and the cover part itself is made from polyurethane.

And that’s about it. If you’re looking for a convenient, fairly slim and very nice-looking iPad Air case, and don’t care too much about the weight, then the Hinge might be for you. $60.

Source: Logitech
Thanks: Krista!