Taking high-quality pictures is a snap with the Muku Shuttr remote [Deals]



With this Cult of Mac Deals offer, you can take great selfies, group photos and videos from as far as 30 feet away! The Muku Shuttr is a genius remote shutter button that keeps you from getting stuck behind the camera.

Cult of Mac has reviewied the Muku Shuttr, and now we’ve got this slee, portable, and study apparatus available for just $39 during this limited time offer!

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Use the included audio phone jack stand to position your phone in a freestanding position. The Shuttr is even designed to hang on your keychain, so it’s there whenever you need it. It’s also easy to set up – in 30 seconds you’ll be ready to catch any awesome moment.

Highlights of the Muku Shuttr include the following:

  • Compact size and durability
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Comes with an audio jack stand for freestanding positioning
  • Range up to 30 feet
  • Works effectively for video
  • Two year battery life (Note: As long as you turn it off after use)
  • 3rd party camera app compatibility

The Muku Shuttr is the slimmest camera shutter remote control for iPhone, iPad, Android and Samsung Galaxy/Note. Its sturdy build and sleek, portable design make it a must-have photo accessory. Get it for 33% off the regular price – only $39 – from the Deals page now!

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  • btsculptor

    So it originally cost $52? For a remote shutter release? That’s more than twice what I’d be willing to pay for a one trick pony like that. Why does everyone think that iPhone peripherals have to be grossly overpriced?

  • ShoopZ

    It’s $39.99 on Amazon and the Muku website.