Racing game Greedy Ladder might be the cutest thing ever


Greedy Ladder

Every once in a while, something drops into the App Store that makes my Grinch heart grow three sizes. So after I take the pills my doctor gave me to keep me from dying when that happens, I spend some time with the game and see if it’s any good. And this one, which a 7-year-old boy designed, is actually pretty fun.

Greedy Ladder by 18th Day Limited
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Price: Free

Greedy Ladder is a new free-to-play game in which you play as one of eight boys or girls (the differences are cosmetic) climbing a ridiculously tall ladder in one of six major cities. It’s a racing game: The goal is to reach the top as quickly as possible while eating healthy foods that will speed you up and avoiding junk food and inedible objects that slow you down.

All proceeds from the game go to charity, apparently, so that’s pretty cute, too.

Greedy Ladder
Your best times go up on the ladderboards. That wasn’t a typo.

The game plays as simply as you could hope. The kid handles the climbing, and you swipe left or right to eat or avoid the food and objects plummeting toward your face. The things are level-specific, so while you might be catching cups of tea and avoiding double-decker buses in London, in Paris you’ll be nomming on baguettes and looking out for high-heeled shoes.

For some reason.

It’s a cute and surprisingly challenging fun time.

As you eat food, the meter in the top-left corner fills up, and you go faster. But if it gets too full, your kid becomes too fat to keep up his pace and slows down. So sometimes you have to eat the candy for a quick boost, but you also have to figure out when to switch to the carrots and stuff.

London is free, and you can unlock the other five cities for 99 cents each. According to the App Store page, all proceeds go to benefit London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity. Even if you don’t drop any money, Greedy Ladder is a cute and surprisingly challenging fun time.

Greedy LadderGame Name: : Greedy Ladder
The Good: Cute, challenging and benefits charity. The young designer provides all sound effects, which is precious.
The Bad: May not appeal to people who don’t care about finding The Perfect Run.
The Verdict: It’s worth checking out for the youthful charm alone, and it’s also very enjoyable as a game.
Buy from: App Store – Greedy Ladder – 18th Day Limited