Desk 01 is one of the smartest yet simplest desks we’ve seen


You know the old saying: “Give a man a router, and he’ll turn a piece of wood into a perfectly-designed desk for the iPad-toting Mac user”?

Or was it “Give a man a router and he’ll set up a wireless network in your home office”?

No, wait, it was “Offer a man a router, and he’ll be forced to infer from context which device you mean to give him.”

Anyway, it’s a good saying, and it might apply to Artifox’s Desk 01, a desk which is equal parts beautiful and functional.

At first glance, the Desk 01 looks like noting more than a simple two-tone wooden table. But then we get to the concealed cable storage in the back, hidden by a panel that’s attached with a piano hinge. We see the dowels that stick out of the legs like the foot-pegs on stilts, perfect hangers for headphones, cables and bags.

We see the slot routed out on top for propping up iPhones and iPads, as well as holes for cables and plugs which can be “resealed” by felt-lined wooden pucks.

And finally, that white panel in the right is a dry-erase marker board, complete with a felt-lined puck for dry-erasing.

It’s so well though out, and yet so simple in execution that the result looks almost inevitable. And yet it costs just $1,100 or $1,300 depending on whether you choose maple or walnut.
Now, where’s my toolbox?

Source: Core 77

  • sigzero

    $1100-$1300 for that? That is crazy.

  • Toltepeceno Delsur

    “And yet it costs just $1,100 or $1,300”. That was said with a straight face? That’s ridiculously expensive.

  • Kelly P McConkey

    It’s simplicity is nice — I guess. Price-wise? Not at all justifiable.

  • At

    You could buy a new MacBook Air or a new iPad Air and iPhone (off contract) for that price.

  • Adrayven

    Someone is smoking their own hash… might want to back off a bit .. let reality sink in…

  • mistergsf

    If this is a hand-made desk, that price seems very reasonable to me. Have any of you ever made furniture from scratch? Out of curiosity, what do you all feel is a fair price for it then?

    • @photogoofer

      I have made furniture and that’s WAY steep. It’s basically a set of saw horses with a flat top and a drawer flap! $200 tops

      • mistergsf

        OK, just so I can grasp your experience with wood working, what kind of wood for a $200 desk you speak of? Looking at the subject desk, how many hours do you think it took to make (if by hand), and what tools were used? Yes, it looks like a saw horse with a flat top. That’s the first thing novices see. You have to look at all the other details too.

      • MidwestMildManneredMan

        I’ve done extensive woodworking. Own routers, planers, sanders, miter saw, band saw, vices, wood glue, etc. In maple there is less than $100 in wood costs. I’ll give you another $30-50 in the hinges, latches, and foot pegs, varnigh, and the power strip. If you made them by hand but got it going production line style, it will take about 60 minutes for a good woodworker to make them because the design is very basic. At $100 an hour, then the entire cost to make this is closer to $250. With a typical 100 percent markup a fair price for this is $400-500 retail if made in the USA. Maybe closer to $200-300 if made overseas. It would come partially assembled in a box and you’d buy it at Target, Walmart, Costco or someplace similar.

        This company may get that outrageous price for a short while but in short order the design will be copied and that will be the time to buy.

      • ianthetechman

        Well said my friend and no come back just goes to show you know exactly what you are talking about.

  • In India you can get the similar desk for $200 :D and its just $1100~$1300, One could buy another MacBook for that price.