Project Naptha Browser Extension Lets You Select Text In Images


I’m going to ask you to do something dirty, but it’ll be totally worth it. But before we get to that, let me tell you what this is about. Project Naptha is a browser extension that lets you copy and paste text from images. That’s right. Those times when some helpful web designer puts all the relevant info into a JPG need no longer drive you into an impotent rage.

The catch? It’s Google Chrome only for now.

So go and dig around in that dark, damp corner of your applications folder, under the dirty clothes. Find the Chrome browser and launch it. Remember Chrome? It’s the one you keep around to play Flash video on the web, aka sandboxing your adult browsing habits.

Launched? Good. Head to the project page and install that extension. Now, when faced with a picture containing text, just mouse over it and your cursor arrow will turn to an i-beam. You can select the text. Here’s a picture to try it on:

Free Speech

It’s amazing. Not only can you copy and paste the text, but you can delete it and change it, or translate it into another language – great for signage in photos.

It’s just a shame you have to dirty your hands with chrome to use it, but there you go. At least it works on a Mac.

Source: Project Naptha

  • syed haris

    Bo wring Articles

  • Simon

    Ummm….have you actually tried pasting the text into a doc or txt file?….what you get generally ain’t what you copied…Even from the pic in your article it hardly works.