Apple’s Latest iPhone 5s Ad Is No ‘Misunderstood’ [Video]



Apple’s latest iPhone 5s ad debuted during last night’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Built around the idea that “You’re more powerful than you think,” the ad shows the iPhone being used to as a tool by people in various lines of work. In this way, it’s very reminiscent of Apple’s recent “Your Verse” campaign for the iPad.

But while it’s good aspirational fare — with absolutely nothing offensive about it — it also comes across as, well, kind of boring really.

Seeing as this is the first iPhone 5s ad since the tremendous “Misunderstood” ad which played over Christmas — and that it follows on from the revelation that Apple has been less than happy with its recent commercials — we’d expect a bit more, to be honest.

The iPhone 5s may be months away from being superseded by the iPhone 6, but that doesn’t mean Apple’s ad team should rest on its laurels and save the best ideas for the next generation of smartphones.

Are we being too harsh? What did you think of Apple’s latest iPhone 5s commercial?

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Source: YouTube


  • Adrayven

    Was a fine commercial.. Showed off a lot of things that could be done with the phone; artistic, health, education, family, fun…. whats wrong with that?

    Better than any ‘attack’ commercial we see from competitors..

    • Luke Dormehl

      That’s really my point though. Definitely it’s better to build up your own product than focus on tearing down a competitor’s, but Apple should also be focusing on hitting it out of the ball park with each new commercial. Their last one for the 5s was phenomenal. This one, as you point out, was “fine”.

  • Jorge Viani

    to me is kind of an attack ad. it says “you dont need a Galaxy S5 to monitor heart rate and do other stuff. Its all in the app store”