Apple Retail Stores Will Now Recycle Any Apple Gadget


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Do you have an ancient first-gen iPod lying around? A candy-shelled iMac G3? An iPhone 2g? Heck, even a vintage Macintosh SE, or working Apple I?

Good news. Starting today, Apple’s retail stores will accept any of its old products for recycling, and if they think they can resell it, you’ll even get some store credit (although you may want to hold off on trading in that Apple I).

The initiative is part of Apple’s Earth Day commitment to leaving the Earth better off than when we originally found it. Apple says that its “free, responsible recycling” will be available at any brick-and-mortar store: just come on in, slap your old Apple gadget on the Genius Bar, and they’ll figure out a way to recycle it in the most environmentally conscientious way possible… and even slip you a few bucks worth of gift cards if it’s valuable.

That’s not all, though. Apple says that occasionally the company will be holding recycling events, where it will accept other companies gadgets for recycling. Anyone feel like organizing a flashmob to recycle our old Samsung gadgets the first time Apple goes through with this?

Source: Apple

  • James Maple

    Time to dump the old PowerMac G4?

    • some

      @james_maple:disqus No give it away or sell for cheap the school will want it ask your friends if they want it first or the local IT guy i hate seeing old hardware getting dumped/recycled as i use computers people wanted to get rid of and i saved a few machines from getting sent to the dump Please save the powermac!!!!

      • James Maple

        I found a use for it anyway :) I’ve kept it