Eye-Fi Cloud, Unlimited, Automatic Cloud Storage For All Your Photos


Eye-Fi – the company that makes the Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards we use for covering trade-shows – has launched a Eye-Fi Cloud, a new app and service that stores all your photos in the cloud, whether you took them on your iPhone or a big fancy camera.

Confusingly, the iOS App is called Eye-Fi Mobi, while the matching service is called Eye-Fi Cloud, but in use everything is easy. The setup only works with the Eye-Fi Mobi cards – if you sprung for the more expensive and capable Eye-Fi pro you’ll still need the old app, which has none of the cloud functionality.

Once you’ve set up the app (you need to install a configuration profile and tap in the number that came on your Mobi card’s box – you did keep the box right?), you’re off. Any time you snap photos with your regular camera, those photos will be transferred to your iPhone or iPad, and from there up to the Eye-Fi Cloud.

What’s more, any pictures you take with your iDevices are also uploaded automatically, and everything is stored together. You can organize pictures using tags and albums, and browse by date taken.

Pictures are then available across all your devices, and on your Mac using the browser. Storage space is unlimited.

I like it quite a lot, but there are two things to note. One, it costs $50 per year, plus the cost of your Eye-Fi Mobi card (you get a trial period when you register a new card). And two, if you ever use another non Eye-Fi card, then you’re going to have to finagle those photos up to the Eye-Fi servers yourself.

Source: Eye-Fi