Instantion: It’s Up To The Five Of You To Solve These Tricky Puzzles [Review]



Anyone — even a fat plumber — can run around and jump on things. But what if progress depends on being in two places simultaneously? Or three? Or five? Mario can’t even handle that. Unless we’re talking about the Mario vs. Donkey Kong games with all the mini-Marios.

Instantion by Finjitzu
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Price: $1.99

Which we’re not.

Anyway, the hero of Instantion can be all those places. Let’s focus on that. Because it’s a fun game.

In Instantion, you guide a robot (or something) through a series of 50 levels, all of which depend on dispatching and managing up to four clones to press buttons, flip switches, and sometimes even sacrifice themselves to make sure that You Prime can keep going.

The trouble is that the clones copy your movements perfectly, so you have to figure out where to place them so they’re useful and don’t mess up.

Stupid clones. Messing things up all the times.

The touch controls work really well, but the mechanic for where you “throw” your clones feels backward. You touch the screen to create a little cursor that you then drag around to tell your robot where to fling his Clone Seed (I’m just making terms up now). But it’s twitchy and occasionally hard to get the thing where you need it to go.

The game also has a really terrible bug that causes the title screen to stay on even once you’ve started the game, which blocks most of your view and makes the game nearly unplayable. But when it works, it’s good.

InstantionGame Name: : Instantion
The Good: A clever mechanic and rad, retro graphics.
The Bad: Twitchy cloning controls and one horrible bug.
The Verdict: If you don’t get that stupid glitch, it’s a fantastic game. But maybe wait for an update before you plunk down your two bucks.
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