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Swann’s New Security Camera Comes With Its Own Tablet-Like Monitor




Swann’s bottomless lineup of security and wifi cameras — the company even sells a camera that isn’t actually a camera — has just added a new model, with a unusual twist.

In addition to all the high-tech bells and whistles one might expect from a high-end wifi camera (like the ability to view the feed from an iOS or Android device through an accompanying app) the new SwannSecure also eddddcomes with its own wireless, 7-inch touchscreen monitor.

It seems like a pretty smart idea: a convenient, always-on feed to glance at while you’re around the house, paired with the mobility of a mobile app for checking in via the Internet when out on the road. Of course, that dedicated monitor doesn’t come cheap, and bumps the price of the SwannSecure up to $380.

The camera’s pretty well spec’d, with 720p recording, IR night vision up to 50 feet, a built-in microphone, motion detection, on-board recording (it comes with an 8GB micro-SD card), a mini-HDMI port for direct playback of recordings and a “vandal-resistant” stand that Swann says deters the bad guys from cutting the cord.

Source: Swann