Runkeeper’s Breeze Is A Beautifully Designed Step-Tracking App


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As a guy running upwards of seven miles a day to get in shape for his imminent nuptials, Runkeeper is my favorite exercise tracking app, but you have to consciously remember to use it. But Runkeeper now has a new trick up its sleeve: Breeze, an activity tracker that taps into your iPhone 5s’s M7 motion processor to subtly guide you into living a more active life.

Breeze by RunKeeper from RunKeeper on Vimeo.

Breeze is largely just a step-counter, like a FitBit, albeit with a much slicker interface. Elegantly designed, the app counts how many steps you make each day on average, then tracks them over time, awarding you achievements when you beat your records.

It’s a nice supplement to the official Runkeeper app. One of my criticisms of step-trackers is that they’re pretty useless for people who are highly active walkers already. . For those who spend most of their days at a desk, or behind the wheel of a car, step-trackers are a great step towards more physically active lifestyles… but walking more can’t totally replace more physical forms of exercise.

With Breeze, Runkeeper has released an app that will sleekly encourage users to get more active. When they do, the main Runkeeper app will be there, waiting for them. It’s a good strategy, and Breeze is a beautifully designed app. Check it out.

Source: iTunes