Would You Wear This Rugged iWatch Design? [Concept]



With so much buzz about the possibility of Apple’s expansion into the wearables sector, it’s no surprise that we’re not exactly short of iWatch concept designs.

The folks behind the universal CircleTime app have added another one to the pile, though — and it’s certainly eye-catching.

“Available” in black and silver, and featuring a 2-inch display with curved anti-scratch glass, full version of iOS, and a Li-ion battery that last seven days before needing to be recharged, HedgeHog’s design is more robust and high quality than some of the other variations out there — even if it does somewhat resemble the heavy duty bracelets worn by He-Man in Masters of the Universe.

“We looked at the latest design patterns that Apple has been using and tried to predict not just the shape of the product but also their choice of materials,” the team responsible for the design told Cult of Mac. “This is why our concept uses aluminum and glass combo, and locks magnetically around the wrist. Next thing was the battery, which we presumed would need to be at least as powerful as the one currently used in smartphones – therefore it occupies most of the device’s volume.”

Controls for the device include a Touch ID ‘home’ button, and all the iOS standard buttons for adjusting volume, and locking/unlocking the device. HedgeHog has even featured a Facetime camera and MagSafe connector for headphones.

“If our assumptions about the screen size and app compatibility are correct then it is only a matter of adjusting the app to fit on a new screen,” the HedgeHog team responded to questions about important the iWatch could be as a platform for existing iOS developers.

“For instance, various views would on iWatch open in a different way. Other, hardware-specific features can only be implemented once the technology is actually available to work with, of course. Needless to say that from a developer perspective it is important to provide support for as many devices as possible. But in this case the porting wouldn’t be any more difficult than porting for iPhone 5, which even though it came with a taller display still had the same width as the older models.”

Would you be tempted to throw down money for this iWatch design?

Source: Newsroundcalendar

  • plaztik

    And yet another stupid concept…

  • Kevin Peck

    It looks like a prisoner shackle you see in movies portraying the future. If I walk too far away from the Apple store does it blow my hand off?

    • DigitalBeach

      Like TheRunningMan collars!!! “CHICO!!!! NOOOOO!!!”

  • Guest

    That’s the worst watch concept watch I’ve EVER seen. Rule #1 of a watch, make it easy to tell the time with a quick reference glance. What the heck is all that crap about around the dial (numbers and gauges)?

    • DigitalBeach

      Looks to me like a calendar

  • DigitalBeach

    No. I don’t wear watches.