Samsung Email: Steve’s Dead, Let’s Attack iPhone



The Apple vs Samsung legal battle has been full of low points for both companies as they spare for global domination, but an email from Samsung’s VP of Sales fired off just two days after Steve Jobs’ death shows how heartless the war has gotten.

Shortly after Jobs’ passing in 2011, Michael Pennington, head of national sales for Samsung Telecommunications America, told company leadership in an email acquired by CNET that Steve’s death was the best opportunity Samsung was going to get to attack the iPhone.

Here’s the full email:

“Unfortunately, Steve Job’s [sic] passing has led to a huge wave of press coverage of Apple’s and iPhone’s ‘superiority,’ all created by the ‘passionate, tireless, perfectionist…’ The point here is that there is an unintended benefit for Apple, since the external messages by 3rd parties are all highlighting and/or supporting the consumer perception that Apple products are superior, since Jobs’ [sic] was such a visionary and perfectionist. What consumer wouldn’t feel great about purchasing a device developed by such a person.

“Sorry to continue to push this issue, but I have seen this far too long and I know this is our best opportunity to attack iPhone. If there is no consensus on the approach I initially proposed, I will stop pushing, but I would like to better understand our strategy so I can align with that.”

A plan so ruthless it’d make the Lannister’s roar with pride.

Mr. Pennington has since left the company, along with four other high-ranking Samsung USA execs in the last two months.



  • HelloWorld

    The last sentence ends with but

    But what?

    • Hondamaker

      Where does it end with ‘but’?

      • HelloWorld

        It has been fixed!

    • BusterH

      fixed it :)

      • HelloWorld

        Awesome!!! Although i was hoping there was more to the story!

  • Marsk

    Joffrey Lannister (Baratheon) is dead! Same for Samsung, time to pay his debt!! Samsung the scumbags!!!!

  • Bacong

    I like how there are two “‘s” errors in the email quote and then the author of this article made one himself with “Lannister’s”

  • All hail the grammar police: Buster, please have your editors review your posts before being uploaded to the site. I’ve been seeing more and more typos and grammar goofs over the last year or so.

    Apple and Samsung “spar” for global domination; they do not “spare” for it.

    Also, “Bannister’s” doesn’t need an apostrophe because it doesn’t show possession of any kind.

    Attention to detail and using English correctly are virtues of which authors should be stalwart supporters.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    When the top general of an army gets killed, it’s time for the opposing army to kill off as many enemy troops as possible while the leadership is in disarray. It makes perfect sense for Samsung to do what it did and their attack worked pretty much in their favor. It was a smart business move for a company set on ruining Apple’s iPhone business. Apple got totally blitzed. Samsung became the dominant force in the smartphone industry while Tim Cook was dozing back at headquarters. Now Apple can’t give its stock away because although Tim Cook is the reigning general, he’s only qualified enough to be a quartermaster sergeant.

    • Roger_Ramshit

      Why not attack with better products and real innovation…meh…I guess its not their style.

      • herbaled

        Samsung doesn’t have any style. Class, yes … but low class.

    • PMB01

      Dominant force? No. Everyone still waits to see what Apple is going to do next. They’re clearly still the industry leader and their products are still of much higher quality than Samsung’s crappy plastic devices. The stock doesn’t even matter to anyone outside Wall St.

  • NoNonsense74

    Sad, … Samsung is like a mafia and views innovation like a war it wants to win. I wish they saw Steve for who he was and what he did, rather then look at him as an obstacle to their progress. Too many such people in the greedy corporate world. In the end, true innovation will survive…

    • herbaled

      I wish you were right, but the best and the good don’t always win. Anyway, selling the most number of many different phone models is not an Apple goal.

  • syed haris

    I wish that maximum people awail this product invention. if Samsung decrease price for poor people.

  • Mik

    Apropos. Here is that defunct Samsung exec’s “Wookiepedia” entry:
    Maybe he went over to the Rebel side?