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Mac Desks Blog Shows Off Gorgeous Apple Setups


This picture comes via Mac Desks (and Dribbble), a blog showing – that’s right – photos of desks that have Macs on them. And some of them are gorgeous.

Of course, reality often doesn’t match up to such fantasies.

My own desk, fashioned from a wooden workbench with the legs cut down to match my old wooden chair, would fit right in on Mac Desks.

Luke has a pine desk that his dad made for him, and Killian (who likes to be known in our HipChat room as “Killina”) works on his dining room table, amongst the empty juice cartons and filled diapers his kids leave there after their nightly binges.

So you see, like any form of porn, the fantasy you crave is the opposite of what you have at home. Killina dreams of a beautiful, clean and minimal setup, with perfect curves and neatly-trimmed cables.

I prefer it rough, looking for something messy, the kind of reality you’d find at a site called “Readers’ Desks.”

And Luke, poor chap, is just looking for anything that doesn’t have his father’s sticky handprints all over it.

Source: Mac Desks