Microsoft Office 365 Personal — Office For $7 Per Month


Ever since Office for iPad launched a few weeks ago, folks have been claiming that it costs $100 just to use it. This isn’t true at all. And as of now, with Microsoft’s new Office 365 Personal plan for $7 per month (or $70 per year), it’s even less true.

First, there’s a free month-long trial for anyone who wants to test the iPad Office suite. That’s plenty of time to find out if you like it (if you can ever get it to sync with your online storage that is, which I can’t). Second, if you sign up, the full subscription cost was just $10 per month, which let you use the entire desktop Office suite and iOS suite on up to five devices (five Macs/PCs plus five iPads).

Now, Office 365 Personal gives you the option of paying $7 per month and using the suite on one Mac/PC and one iPad (or Windows tablet LOL).

So quit whining. Sure, Apple gives you Pages for free if you buy an iPad, but pages is terrible, and Word for iOS is regarded as great.

Source: Office Blog

  • mgbmdmph

    No Way!

    I’ll use Office on my Mac, but not on my iPad.

  • grr74

    You forgot to mention the Office 365 Academic version. USD 79.99 for 4 years or USD 1.67 per month.