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Screens 3 For Mac Is The Best VNC App For Most People



Edovia makes the most polished VNC client for iOS, but its Mac app has been needing some attention for quite some time, especially in the design department. Screens 3 for Mac was released today, and it has been rebuilt from the group up for Mountain Lion. It also looks much cleaner and promises to be faster.

Screens allows you to access a Mac, Windows, or Linux PC remotely through VNC. That means you can access your work PC from your Mac at home, or vice versa. Version 3 can be made your default VNC client in OS X so that any prompts in Finder will route through Screens automatically.

Thanks to the addition of iCloud sync, computers and settings saved in Screens on iOS are synced to the Mac. So if you already use Screens on the iPhone or iPad and open Screens 3 for the first time, all you’ll have to do is re-enter the passwords for machines you’ve accessed in the past.

System Menu Bar

Another handy addition that makes Screens faster to use is a list of shortcuts to your computers in the menubar. All recent connections are also available by clicking and holding on the Screens 3 dock icon.

OS X’s built-in screen sharing is a decent way to do VLC, but Screens 3 packs way more options into an elegant interface. The app pays close attention to the details. For instance, you can set up custom logout actions like exiting out of a Mac’s user account after disconnecting.

Keyboard shortcut mapping, one-time connections, pasteboard copying, and multiple display selection are just some of the app’s other new features. If you’ve been looking for a robust and easy to use VNC client, look no further.

Edovia is selling Screens 3 in the Mac App Store for $34.99, and it’s a free upgrade for Screens 2 customers. Screens 3 can also be purchased directly from Edovia online with a free trial, but that version lacks iCloud sync due to Apple’s rules. The Screens iOS app is available as a universal download for $19.99.