Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos App Improves Navigation, Adds Enjoyment


Oh man. It looks like “fairly well designed photo-storage and viewing services” are the new black. Or something. Now Amazon is back in the game with an updated version of Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, an app with a name only a Microsoft worker drone could love.

What’s new? Nothing less than the return of enjoyment.

That’s right. V3.0 has been redesigned with “features that bring enjoyment back to viewing photos and videos on the go.” Which is good, becasue it was a little known fact[1] that the original brief for v2.x contained the instruction “remove enjoyment.”

The new timeline frees you from the endless scrolling through the single folder that held your photos in previous version. Now you can quickly navigate your auto-uploaded pictures, as well as sorting photos and albums by date and name.

The app is universal, and you get 5GB storage free. And given that apps like Dropbox use Amazon’s services behind the scenes, you should be happy that your pictures are nice and safe.

Source: App Store

  1. aka fabrication  ↩