Peres, An Electronic Nose That Sniffs Your Meat


You know how when you pull that rank-looking piece of meat from the fridge, you don’t really know whether it’ll fill you or kill you? Is that chunk of chicken still fresh? Should you grill that fish or toss it?

Now (or soon anyway), you can use the Peres to answer those questions. It’s an electronic nose that sniffs your meat and tells you whether it’s still good to eat.

The handheld unit detects “more than 100 different volatile organic compounds” and uses the results to determine freshness of meat or fish.

To use it, you just point and click the button. The Peres uses Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone (or Android phone) and a companion app to do the hard work. It also gives a confusing readout, featuring lots of graphs and indicators – presumably to convince you it’s using science.

The Peres is part of an Indiegogo fundraising campaign, but you can preorder from the regular site, with projected delivery in July 2014.

I’d like to conclude this post with a joke about something smelling fishy about the Peres, but I can’t. It looks like a great idea for the kind of people who’d rather buy a gadget instead of shopping for fresh food, then cooking it and eating it.

Source: Peres
Thanks: Scott!