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OS X 10.7 spotted in the wilds of open source databases and traffic logs



Utter folly for a silicon company to rest on its laurels after the success of their last operating system, lest the competition pass you by. That goes doubly for Apple in the wake of Snow Leopard: although the latest version of OS X saw the highest upgrade rates yet for an Apple OS, 10.6 didn’t really add any new features into the mix, but was instead focused on tightening the engine bolts and preparing OS X for the future of multicore processors. That was an admirable, even revolutionary goal, but people are going to expect a lot more flash from 10.7.

It’s not surprising, then, that new reports are circulating, indicating that OS X 10.7 has been under development at Cupertino for the last couple of months. The first comes by way of the change database of the open source launchd framework, which specifically references the text astring “11A47” and seems to be the build number for the next version of OS X.

Meanwhile, over at 9to5Mac, Seth Weintraub reports that they are starting to get hits from Apple’s 17.x.x.x block of IPs, running an Operating System of “Intel 10.7,” in screen resolutions ruling out the Apple Tablet.

Of course, we shouldn’t expect to see 10.7 anytime soon, with Snow Leopard only a few months old… but at least we know we can expect an announcement at WWDC sooner rather than later.

What about you? What new features would you like to see in 10.7?