Hum, the Note-Taking, Audio-Recording App For Musicians


Folks who work with words have Drafts. People who want to capture a quick picture have a home-screen shortcut to the built-in camera. But what do musicians have to remember a tune when it pops into their head? Now they have Hum, an iPhone app for capturing song-writing ideas.

Hum captures both written notes and snippets of sound, so you can record a riff or melody, or just a particularly cool-sounding car alarm when you’re out walking. Then you can jot down lyrics or notes about the tune.

That’s fine, but what about finding your notes later? Hum helps. You can organize notes by key, by sounds that have lyrics or not, and by several other parameters. You can also play the audio notes while you read the lyrics, and there’s a space for regular old non-lyric notes if you, say, need to get some actual shopping done when you’re down at the supermarket.

All in all, it looks like a great tool for musicians, and it’s just $2.

Source: Hum
Source: iTunes
Via: Evolver