PopClip Extension Adds Up Numbers For You


Remember Brett Terpstra’s Total Numbers service from last week? Good, because now it’s available in and even more useful and labor-free form as a PopClip Extension.

Now all you need to do is highlight a bunch of numbers with the mouse, and the new “Sum” extension will add them all up for you.

PopClip is a great little utility that takes any text you’ve highlighted with the mouse and does things to it. That “thing” can be almost anything, thanks to the plugin architecture of the app which lets thirds parties write extensions.

Brett Terpstra, as you’d imagine, has written a ton of them, of which the new “Sum” is the latest. You can configure the punctuation marks it uses as separators for thousands and for decimals (usage varies from country to country) and you can chose to have the output similarly formatted. And that’s it.

To use it, you highlight the list, click the little icon that pops up and the sum os shown in a popover. Click that sum and it replaces the highlighted text.

Sum, like all of Brett’s extension, is free. Popclip is $5 with a free trial.

Source: [Brett Terpstra][brettterpstra]
Source: PopClip