RescueTime: Measure Your Digital Life And Your Productivity [Deals]



Let’s cut to the chase: if you’re not using RescueTime then you’re not being as productive as you could be. After all, RescueTime users typically see at least a 10% improvement in productivity.

Aside from the fact that RescueTime has been used by more than 800,000 people worldwide, it has been featured in a slew of publications. RescueTime is also incredibly easy to use and you can get one year of RescueTime Premium available from Cult of Mac Deals for $39 during this limited time offer.

RescueTime automatically measures activity on computers and mobile devices, such as which applications and websites are actively being used. It requires no user input and will run in the background as you go throughout your day, delivering actionable reports automatically. Plus, it’s unbiased, so if you’re slacking off, it won’t hold back in telling you you’ve had a lazy week.

The top features of RescueTime include:

  • No User Input Required: It automatically measures which applications and websites are actively being used on computers and mobile devices
  • Identify Productivity Killers: Provides detailed reports showing which applications and websites you spend time on
  • Weekly Productivity Score: Get a weekly email summary of your activity with a productivity score
  • Customizable Settings: Activities are cataloged across thousands of websites and applications, with productivity scores assigned to each, but you can also customize productivity settings
  • Block Distracting Websites:: Blacklist time-consuming sites like Facebook

Begin to understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive. Get one year of RescueTime Premium for just $39 from Cult of Mac Deals today!