FreeDum Throws An Innocent Ladybug Into Some Aww-ful Traps [Review]


Free Dum

Cute animals are always in trouble.

FreeDum by Pedro
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

They’re always lost or in danger, or they want to eat a crap-ton of candy but can’t without your help. They’re a burden on everyone they meet, and if it weren’t for us, they would all die cold and alone in the woods from an attack by a larger animal or scurvy or something.

But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t help them. Like the star of FreeDum, who has fallen into the clutches of a pint-sized Jigsaw Killer of animals. I think he’s worthy of aid, and you can do so in this fun little maze game.

Dum is a ladybug who ends up in completely the wrong Mason jar when Max, a tiny psychopath, takes him home and casts him into a series of bug-hating deathtraps. The kid has some mechanical engineering ability and has rigged up whirling saw blades and razors, and it’s up to you to guide Dum to safety.

And while you’re in there, you should also save the baby bugs Max has thrown in there with you. I’m pretty sure they’d appreciate it.

I’m also certain their diapers could use changing.

You tap on the screen where you want Dum to go, and if you double-tap, Dum will go there faster. The game throws in some new mechanics as you go, but that’s the basic idea.

It evaluates you based on how many adorable babies you save and how quickly you get through the level, but if you get Dum through at all, congratulations. You’ve succeeded against incredible odds. I don’t care how long it took.

Free DumGame Name: : FreeDum
The Good: Cute animals, harrowing traps, and a lot of variety.
The Bad: Some of the gaps are just big enough for Dum to get through, so the slightest mis-tap means starting over.
The Verdict: It won’t blow you away with novelty, but it’ll satisfy your need to rescue adorable critters.
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