Steve Jobs’ Yacht Spotted In Mexico [Exclusive]


(Credit: Felipe Cornejo)
(Credit: Felipe Cornejo)

Venus — the 256-foot super-yacht, commissioned by Steve Jobs — has been sighted in Ensenada, Baja California.

A coastal city in Mexico, on the Baja California Peninsula, Ensenada is a popular cruise ship destination. Photos of the vessel in dock were sent in by Cult of Mac reader Felipe Cornejo. Cornejo notes that he did not see any of Jobs’ family at the site, and that dock workers he spoke with weren’t aware this was Jobs’ boat.


This isn’t the first time Jobs’ yacht has been spotted in the region. One month ago it was sighted in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas bay, following a lengthy period stuck in an Amsterdam port pending a payment to the yacht’s designer by lawyers representing Jobs’ estate.

According to data from, Venus arrived in Ensenada on April 10. Previous docks include Antibes, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Zhangjiagang, Tianjin, Cape Town, and Durban.


Despite telling journalist John Markoff in 1980 that, “There’s no yacht in my future,” Jobs began working on building his dream sailing vessel around 2008, prior to his liver transplant.

Jobs commissioned legendary French designer Philippe Starck to design the 255-ft yacht, which cost in excess of €100 million to build. However Jobs died before he was able to use it.

Jobs reportedly recruited the chief designer of the Apple Stores to design a special glass for the yacht, capable of providing structural support. On board, a row of 27-inch iMacs are used to control the ship from its wheelhouse.

(Credit: Willem Oldenburg)
(Credit: Willem Oldenburg)
Photo: Willem Oldenburg

Thanks: Felipe Cornejo


  • nukemhill

    Is it just me, or is that a really ugly yacht? Seems really out of character with Jobs’ design aesthetic.

    • Justin Shulman

      Yeah not the most delightful thing to look at.

      Jobs wasn’t necessarily the best designer, a perfectionist is more accurate. Ives is the one behind the past decade of products.

      The guy drove a Mercedes. What an icky car.

      • Fokelezotło Szłastable

        Mercedes – icky? and why is that?
        Ever drove one or sth?

      • Justin Shulman

        There just not as elegant as they used to be, and defiantly not of the same quality. People who have them like the name of Mercedes more than they like the car. Audi, Tesla, Porsche are the new high class.

      • Fokelezotło Szłastable

        Speaking of quality everything except maybe Rolls Royce, Bentley, Pagani, Bugatti and Koenigsegg is not really made to last. They make it that way because they want to sell new cars – the old ones are expected to broke down. The rest is marketing, styling and performance, and/or ecology.

  • Tom

    It reminds me of Starck’s “House in a box”, and it does look better when you see it in motion…

  • Ron Hawkins

    Calm waters only for that harbour queen!

  • Dennis Lepak

    We saw her in Cabo and La Paz Mexico a year ago. Looks better in person.