Marvel Turns Pencil Sketches Into Working App Prototypes



Have a great app idea written down in a notebook that would make you a millionaire if only you could turn it into a working prototype? (Sure you do!)

Marvel is a great iPhone app that lets you take sketches and turn them into a free prototype, by applying “hotspots” to your images and then letting you link these hotspots with other photos to create a demo you can tap your way through.


The developers claim it’s perfect for anyone from designers and UXers, to product managers and students — but it’s really straightforward enough that anyone can use it.

All that’s needed to bring an idea to life is a legible drawing of your iPhone application, and the Marvel app downloaded.

Marvel is additionally built on top of Dropbox, so that whatever changes you make to your your app images will stay synced with the app. Once you’ve finished your project it’s also possible to share it with friends via Twitter, SMS and email.

Marvel is available for free download from the App Store, for iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later.

Source: iTunes

Via: TechCrunch