Lightning Cable Is Red, Flat, And Named After A Shark


I like this Hammerhead Lightning cable for two reasons: it’s red, and the cable is flat. Actually, make that three reasons – it’s called the Hammerhead, like the frikkin shark.

Feature-wise, there’s nothing to it. At $18.99, it’s a penny cheaper than the Apple cable, but it’s red, it’s flat and it’s named after a shark.

Some folks say that flat cables don’t tangle, but they do – just not quite as easily. The main selling point is that they look cool, and that when you coil them around your iPhone, or around your iPad’s power brick, you can spend long OCD minutes getting them to lay perfectly flat.

Want one? I know I do. I love sharks, flatness and the color red, and I have big plans for that saved penny, let me tell you.

Available now, at Smalldog.

Source: Smalldog