Vela Lets You Search Spotify With Your Voice


Here’s how to do Spotify voice search on the iPhone or iPad.

  1. Tap the search field in Spotify
  2. Tap the Siri dictate button on the keyboard
  3. Say the name of whatever you wan to hear
  4. Tap Siri button again
  5. Browse results.

Alternatively you can buy the new Vela app for $0.99, and skip all the tedious screen tapping.

Voice Search for Spotify works with – you guessed it – Spotify, and lets you search by song or artist with a quick puff of lung-air through your vocal cords. And you can hit play right there in the app to listen to your music.

The app brings the voice search tech that Vela already uses in its own Vela app, which is the same, but with your iTunes library, YouTube, Spotify and Rdio). And as both apps start at $1, it’s hard to see why you’d go for the Spotify version over the more capable option. Still, it’s available now, for folks who love music but hate typing.

Source: iTunes Store