T-Mobile Selling LTE iPads For Cost Of WiFi Models With 1GB Of Free Data



T-Mobile’s new deal on LTE iPads is a doozy. The ‘Uncarrier’ is shaking things up again by offering LTE iPads for the price of their WiFi-only counterparts. And on top of that, more free data is involved.

Apple sells WiFi + LTE versions of its iPads for $130 more than WiFi-only, but T-Mobile isn’t having that. For example, buying a 16GB iPad Air with LTE on T-Mobile only costs $499 instead of $630.

The deal, which starts on April 12th, applies to the iPad Air, first-gen iPad mini, and iPad mini with Retina display.

If you already have a voice plan of some kind on T-Mobile, 1GB of data can be awarded to your account to use each month throughout the rest of 2014. New and existing customers get $10 off T-Mobile’s contract-free data plans for the rest of the year.

T-Mobile already offers 200MB for free with the purchase of a tablet, so that could potentially be 1.2GB of free data each month.

If you want to come over to T-Mobile, the carrier still offers to pay any early termination fees by offering credits for smartphones and tablets that are traded in.

Not to be outdone, Verizon also announced that it’s giving away 1GB of free data to anyone who activates a tablet on its “More Everything Plan.” Verizon’s base 1GB monthly plan for tablets still costs twice as much as T-Mobile’s.

Source: T-Mobile