Thule’s Snap-On iPhone 5s Case Is Molded For Extra Grip & Protection [Review]



Thule’s Gauntlet case for the iPhone 5s is a slim, stylish snap-on cover that offers plenty of protection. Just like its big brother, a thin folio that will effectively protect an iPad Air, the Gauntlet employs a molded texture for grip and durability.

Gauntlet by Thule
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s
Price: $27

The iPhone case provides plenty of access to all buttons, ports and cameras. It comes in black, turquoise or pink, and it will protect your device without making it too big and bulky.

One of the Gauntlet’s best features, however, is its slender price tag. Available from MyBanana, it costs less than £16 ($27) — and it’s worth every penny.

The Good

It’s not easy to find a unique snap-on case — they’re all very similar — but the Gauntlet’s molded back provides it with a few advantages over other options. Not only does that back make it easier to hold onto — it’s not at all slippery — but it also provides added impact protection.

Plenty of space for your iPhone's camera and flash.
Plenty of space for your iPhone’s camera and flash.

If your iPhone lands on its back when you drop it, then, the Gauntlet will almost certainly ensure it doesn’t get damaged — and it’s pretty much the same story all-round. While the Gauntlet does leave the top and bottom of your iPhone exposed, its corners are plenty big enough to keep these areas protected… provided your iPhone lands on a flat surface.

The Gauntlet’s sides also wrap around the front of your iPhone slightly to provide some protection for its display. You can place your device on its face and the display won’t come into contact with your desk, and if you drop it, these sides should prevent its display from touching the ground.

The other great thing about the Gauntlet’s molded design is that it’s incredibly light at just 0.17 pounds. It looks good, too, especially if you buy a pink or turquoise model. These add a splash of color and combine particularly nicely with silver and gold iPhones.


The Bad

The Gauntlet leaves some edges exposed.
The Gauntlet leaves some edges exposed.

After using the Gauntlet for the past few weeks, my only real criticism is those gaps that leave the top and bottom of your iPhone exposed. While it should protect your iPhone in most situations, those edges may become damaged if your iPhone doesn’t fall on a flat surface when you drop it.

If it lands on a gravel driveway, for instance, the Gauntlet’s corners may not be enough to prevent scratches or dents.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to find a sturdy snap-on case that does cover every edge of your iPhone, so this is something you generally have to accept when buying a case of this kind.

The Verdict

If you’re especially clumsy and you drop your iPhone more than most, you may wish to consider a different case design — possibly a gel case — that covers every edge of your iPhone.

However, if you’ve already decided you want a rigid snap-on case, and you want one that’s unique and protective, then you’ll be more than happy with the Gauntlet — especially at just $27. That’s a great price for a top-quality case from a recognized brand like Thule.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 21.37.14Product Name: Gauntlet
The Good: Slim and light; molded for extra grip and protection; nicely priced.
The Bad: Leaves top and bottom edges of iPhone exposed.
The Verdict Excellent snap-on case from a recognized brand that won’t break the bank.
Buy from: MyBanana