Tweet Any Highlighted Text From Your Mac [OS X Tips]


Photo credit: Rob LeFebvre
Photo credit: Rob LeFebvre

If you’ve ever come across a great snippet of text you want to Tweet right from your Mac, you know the drill: you have to copy it, open Twitter, create a new message, and then paste in the text there. Then hit the Send button.

Sure, it’s not that difficult, but what if there was an even easier way?

Well, there is, and here it is.

All you need to do is highlight the text you want to Tweet with a click and drag. This applies to any text you can highlight, from an iBook to text on a Web page. Highlight it, and then right-click on the text.

You’ll get a contextual menu that pops up. Hover your mouse over “Services” and then choose Tweet.

OS X will launch your Twitter app, and create a new Tweet message, filling in the body of that message with the text you highlighted.

Simply hit the Tweet button and you’re good to go.

Via: Buzzfeed