Soothing Sounds Accompany Action-Packed Gameplay In I’m Aquarius [Video Review]



With busy schedules it can be easy to be consumed by the stress of our everyday lives. Sometimes sitting down and playing a good game can be a great way to escape from it all. The new app I’m Aquarius is an arcade game with intense action gameplay and a relaxing soundtrack. Avoid all obstacles as you tap to keep your ship safe for as long as possible. How long do you think you can last?

Take a look at the video and find out what you think.


  • Joshua Kent

    Hi Jsmith, just to let you know I admire your videos! I might get this app.

  • When I saw the video of the demo I thought the game did not deserve 4 stars, I thought it was an exaggerated rating. I decided to download it, I think three stars would be more fair, since the obstacles do not allow a precise deviation, and learning curve of the game is not very linear. Soundtrack is great. Anyway I think your reviews are interesting.