Samsung Stole Apple’s Ideas At Crucial Time, Expert Says


Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and others sold Apple stock at a time when it was hitting record highs.
Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and others sold Apple stock at a time when it was hitting record highs.

How do you convince a jury you’re owed $2 billion in damages? If you’re Apple you hire an MIT-trained economist to do it for you.

While the patent war between Apple and Samsung continues to rage, Apple on Tuesday called economist Chris Vellturo to spell out exactly why Apple is asking to be paid $2 billion in damages ($2.19B to be exact) from arch-rival Samsung for infringing on five of its utility patents.


“It’s a very large market and Samsung has made a lot of sales into that market,” Vellturo said, before getting into the nitty-gritty specifics of how he came to his estimate. Samsung’s alleged infringement is made worse, he noted, because it came at a time of dramatic growth in the smartphone market when many consumers were buying their first devices.

Because people’s choice of first smartphone can then be a major determining future phone and tablet purchases, Samsung’s moves have cost Apple considerably.

Couple that with royalty rate for patent infringement with Apple’s lost profits during that same time period, and that’s where Vellturo’s $2 billion sum comes from.

Vellturo noted how he and his firm have spent “thousands of hours” studying the market and the patents in question — and that he himself has spent more than “800 hours” personally. Apple also had MIT professor John Hauser present survey results showing how valuable its patents are.

Currently Apple has used 11 hours and 14 minutes out of its 25-hour allotment in front of the jury, while Samsung has used just six hours and 29 minutes.

The last time Apple and Samsung clashed in court over a major patent damages case, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple an iWatering $930 million in damages, which the current case is appealing.

Source: Re/code

  • Kr00

    “Samsung’s alleged infringement “? NO! They have already been found guilty. This case is about damages. Samescum stole, lets not forget that little bit of info.

    • Convergence87

      The whole case is complete bs and has been thrown out in other countries! Only in the corrupt states it hasn’t!

      • Kr00

        And why would a fandroid troll come here just to say that I wonder? BS, stop peddling it. Ask Sony, BB, Motorola, Sharp, Dyson and a few others about how Samescum “innovate” their product line too. Theft is theft, now go away. Samescum, the biggest copy factory on earth.

      • Convergence87

        This site isn’t engadget or other neutral tech sites its named cult of mac; so you know this is where the apple fanboys reside. So there’s no way in hell you can claim neutrality! Did you even see the stuff apple was claiming in the lawsuit??!! it is total bs.

        Apple makes nice things but they DO NOT INVENT NEW THINGS they rebrand things. In fact the only two things they have invented is the short lived firewire port and the concept of the aluminum unibody which is incredibly wasteful and doesn’t allow the user to get the phone repaired easily.

        Btw did the first manufactured of tvs sue other tvs for having a remote or “copying” the idea of a rectangle screen?! Fuck no!

      • Kr00

        Why are you here then if its not to troll?

        Yep, Apple only make nice things, get your hand off it, but sure, be envious.

        So which company do you believe that “INVENTS NEW THINGS”? I’m eager to find out.

        Nothing more dumb than a blind sheep following its shepherd over the cliff.

      • Convergence87

        Apple are sueing companies and are behaving like they have spent billions in r and d for new things which they haven’t. If you invent something new you have a right to defend yourself from people who copy it completely without any changes etc. However apple hasn’t and has no right to sue anyone. I find it incredibly ironic that you’re calling me the sheep……grow the fuck up.